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Press Release

Pioneering unglazed R9 window completes technical approvals

HWL Trade Frames’ pioneering manufacturing process for its non-glass bonded Residence 9 Window has received…
Press Release

HWL pioneered unglazed R9 window receives R9 manufacturing approvals

Approved manufacturing methodologies for R9 will be updated by the Residence Collection to reflect the…
Press Release

Trailblazing Unglazed R9 window completes test programme

HWL Trade Frames’ trailblazing non-glass bonded Residence 9 Window has completed final independent testing, delivered…
Press Release

Installers switch on to the benefits of R9 unglazed

HWL Trade Frames has said that all of its pre-existing Residence 9 accounts have switched…
Press Release

HWL launches R9 with extended colour options

HWL Trade Frames’ has continued the development of its Residence 9 offer with the launch…
Press Release

Non-glass bonded R9 cuts the cost of installation by a third

Customers buying in Residence 9 unglazed are saving up to third on installation costs compared…
Press Release

Unglazed R9 receives PAS24 and Part Q approval

HWL Trade Frames’ trailblazing non-glass bonded Residence 9 Window has sailed through independent PAS24 testing…
Press Release

Stormy weather? Smooth sailing for R9 frame-only weather testing

Independent weather testing, delivered in partnership with The Residence Collection, has returned a series of…

Analysis and blogs


Conservation Compatible Windows

To get  a quote for your next installation, call us on 0113 244 9006 or…
HWL Trade Window Suppleirs

Are You Taking Advantage of the Install Opportunities in Conservation Areas

What is a Conservation Area? There are over 9,700 conservation areas in the UK. They…

Added value

R9 installers could cut installation costs by a third, through non-glass bonded installation efficiencies. “We…

R9 ‘unshackled’

HWL’s non-glass bonded R9 window passed PAS24 last month. Graham Howatson, our Sales Director, argues…

R9 – but without the glass

An R9 fabricator since 2013, HWL became the first and one of only a handful…

Case Studies

Case studies

‘R9 Unglazed’ – better for the end user

R9 unglazed delivers installation efficiencies to the installer but also far more flexibility to the…
Case studies

Homeseal Windows Yorkshire

HWL’s non-glass bonded R9 window has been developed to make installation easier. Homeseal Windows put…