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Get ready for Spring early!

Well it certainly doesn’t feel like Spring yet and it’s still a couple of months away, but let’s not forget that the busiest season of the year is just around the corner.  Planning and preparation now will lay the groundwork for a very successful and busy Spring, so it’s never to early to start!

Here are our quick tips for making the most of the busy Spring season!

1. Get your showroom right

It’s a good time of year before things really start getting busy to take a look at your showroom and review your window and door displays.   Consider, do you have a good balance of coloured frames, a combination of wood-effect finishes and popular, contemporary colours, such as Chartwell Green?  Do you have displays of Residence 9 windows to attract top-end homeowners looking for authentic windows with the features of timber, but the low maintenance of PVC-u?

Do you have any aluminium bi-folds on display?  These aspirational additions to the home attract interest and can help encourage homeowners to upgrade from standard patio doors.

2. Have a good spring clean!

You want to make sure that your showroom is ship-shape, ready for the large influx of customers through the doors in Spring/Summer.  Is your paintwork up to scratch – both indoors and outdoors?  If not, book a painter and decorator early and get these issues addressed before they too become really busy and can’t fit you in!  Does showroom furniture need replacing or any of the covers or curtains need dry cleaning – better to do these jobs now before the rush sets in.  It’s also worth reviewing your signage too – nothing puts off a prospective customer more than tatty signage.  Investing in good quality full colour banners which can be fastened to the front of the showroom can be a good idea, they are relatively inexpensive to produce and could be updated a couple of times per year.

3. Invest in some product training

It’s a good time to address any skills training that may be needed.  Do your customer facing staff have any need for telephone training, training on sales techniques or after sales care?  It may be that the training can be done in-house by other members of staff, so it needn’t be expensive.

4. Get to grips with social media

Many showrooms are finding they can secure business leads through Twitter or Facebook if they are using these social media channels correctly.   There are some very cost effective social media courses around, it may be worth sending a couple of staff to learn more about how to make the most of social media for business.  Make sure you do have a policy on use of social media in place though, that it should be used for business purposes only.  This should be included in all contracts of employment.

5. Redecorate and invest in interior design

If the showroom decor is looking a bit ‘tired’ it could be worth finding a local interior designer to visit you and to present some new ideas to freshen up the interior decoration.  Often this can be all a showroom needs - an expert’s eye who can recommend colours that work well together and who has contacts with fabric, upholstery and interior outlets where unique and eyecatching accessories can be bought.  It’s always worth asking if anyone in your staff has any interior design expertise, as this could be more cost-effective, however make sure you are fully aware of what changes are planned as it’s really important to get the showroom decor right!

6. Tidy up the garden and invest in planters

It is a good time to tidy up the grounds and any garden around your showroom.  It can be worth investing in a couple of planters that can be filled with flowers and plants to add interest and appeal to the front of your showroom – especially if it is located on a main road.

7. Check your vans are in good condition and carry out any maintenance

It is worthwhile checking that your vans are in good condition.  Book in for any repair work or servicing to be carried out prior to the busy Spring/Summer season, the last thing you need is a vehicle off the road!

8. Get your advertising schedule sorted and decide on promotions to really push the message in spring

If you’ve not advertised much in Winter, it’s worth increasing your budget to cover Spring.  Easter is early this year (1st weekend in April) so plan to start a series of weekly advertisements throughout April and May.  Your aim is obviously to generate enquiries and footfall to your showroom, so run an offer where anyone bringing the advert into the showroom receives a voucher for money off conservatory furniture or is entered in a prize draw to win a full set of windows or a front door!

9. Update your fliers and literature and quote forms so they really get the message across

These days you don’t need to spend a fortune on getting expensive brochures printed.  For a small investment in the services of a good graphic designer, you can have any flyers or leaflets you need produced as PDFs and available for upload from your website.

10. Review the ranges you stock and consider single source supply

It is worth reviewing your supply chain at this time of year and seeing where any efficiencies could be made.  Many window and conservatory installers are recognising the benefits of single source supply, as partnering with a manufacturer such as HWL Windows Group can really make sense.  We offer a comprehensive range of windows, doors and bi-folds and the ability to produce bespoke sizes and specifications to suit customers’ requirements.

If you would like to arrange a visit, call the HWL Windows Group office and speak to one of our experienced advisers.  Tel:  0113 224 9006.