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The Spectus Vertical Slider, with its stylish yet classic design, gives instant curb appeal to a house, without compromising on efficiency or durability. Meeting your customer’s bespoke requirements, the Spectus Vertical Sliding Sash System, can be delivered within a 10 day lead time and is available in a wide range of colour options.

This market leading product features Ovolo detail, a deep bottom rail option that gives the authenticity of a timber box sash and low line PCE glazing system. The tilt in facility allows the Vertical Slider to be easily maintained with very little effort and the ULTRA-LIFT®nt balance mechanisms ensure smooth operation when opening the window.

Advanced technology and traditional design couple together to produce a perfect solution for period properties by combining all the benefits of high performing modern materials with period design functionality. The Spectus Vertical Slider can be personalised with a Georgian bar or a choice of Cills to give a bespoke feel, whilst always providing excellent weathering performance.


If you would like more information about the Spectus Vertical Slider, or have any other queries, please contact us on: 0113 244 9006 and select option 2 for sales

We are really excited to now be offering, alongside the highly popular and successful Residence 9, R7 and R2. Both sharing elements that make the Residence Collection what it is, R9 and R2 are innovative, attractive and stylish.

Residence 7

Residence 7 boasts a 75mm frame depth that allows for the option of either 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing. The frame depth is as a result of the 7 chambers that increase the energy efficiency of the window, giving it an A++ Energy Rating and creating a U Value of only 0.7 (triple glazed). Residence 7 is available in many different stylish foiled and unfoiled colour options.



R2, or Residence2, has the same amount of chambers as traditional R9, as 9 chambers within the 100mm frame depth, giving the window an A++ Energy Rating and a low U Value of 0.7 (triple glazed). Allowing for either 28mm double glazing or 44m triple glazing, the R2 is available in the same foiled-through colour options as Residence 9.


For a colour stick please email the marketing team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why 3 Star Locks are Vital!


Today, burglars all over the UK have developed multiple methods of breaking into and entering a home; recent statistics note that over 70% of home break-ins occur via the front door. Safety, therefore, is paramount and the door lock is one of the most important elements.

Currently, the cheapest lock available in the market is a 1 star rated lock. Whereas this serves the basic needs of a lock, it lacks the safety features to ensure a high level of security for your home. The one star rating means that it does not protect the home owner from lock snapping, one of the most common ways of breaking a lock, and many other methods of breaking in. Despite some locks carrying the British Standards Kitemark and boasting anti-snap protection through a sacrificial section, they are still breakable within 10 seconds and create minimal noise.

In order to ensure maximum lock security for the door and for the home, a Kitemarked 3 star lock is required. The current misconception of ‘anti snap’ locks is that they completely prevent lock snapping break-ins, this is untrue but if the right steps are followed then the lock will be safe. As well as the TS007:2012 British Kitemark 3 star rating, there must be a SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Rating in order to achieve high protection. If both of the standards and markings are present for the lock, it means that it can be classified as anti-snap, bump, drill, pic and plug pull as well as acting as a visual deterrent.  

At HWL, all of our doors are fitted as standard with 3 star rated TS007:2012 Secure Diamond locks in order to achieve the highest levels of security for your customers’ homes. Our locks, supplied by either Ultion or Avocet, ensure the home is kept safe and secure from any intruders, whilst keeping a stylish simplistic look.


For more information please call 0113 244 9006 and select extension 2 for sales

As demand increases for non-white windows, we are now offering Kommerling C70 windows in an Ivory through colour – RAL 9001 – at the same cost as white. Matching cills and ancillaries are already available for this alternative, yet subtle colour.

We are one of the first fabricators to offer the new colour and we are really excited by the opportunity it presents. Consumers are now able to enjoy the benefits of a colour which will blend in more with the internal paints and décor within the home.

If you would like to request a sample window, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 244 9006 and choose extension 2 for sales.

Launched by Kömmerling, and carrying the Secured by Design tag, PremiLine PRO patio door takes safety as its number one priority. PVCu patio doors in the past have failed to achieve the high standards of security, however Kömmerling’s PremiLine PRO has come to market with an enhanced security kit in order to match up to the strict security regulations.

A small stylish doorknob operates the bespoke interlock shootbolt system that enhances the security, whilst maintaining the elegance and aesthetics of the patio door. Despite being a highly developed and researched system, its ease of use negates any worry about overcomplicating the simple patio door opening system.   

For more information please call 0113 244 9006 and select extension 2 for sales


We were really excited to launch our new Employee Impact Award this month.

The Employee Impact award rewards an individual, or select group of people, who have added value to HWL Windows Group through being proactive, dedicated and hard working.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the very first award for July 2016, the Purchasing Team, Sandra Smith and Chris Emmonds!

Sandra and Chris have been awarded for improving purchasing processes which in turn has led to increased productivity!

They were awarded their prize by Operations Director, Graham Howatson. 

HWL Trade Frames manufactures windows, doors and conservatories using only PVC, a material renowned for its energy efficient properties. This means that our trade customers can pass on all the benefits of PVC windows to their customers.

By replacing old draughty single glazed timber windows, or even elderly first generation PVC windows, customers will enjoy the advantages of lower energy bills, a smaller carbon footprint and a more comfortable home with fewer draughts, cold spots and condensation. It will also be quieter.

According to the Kommerling unique energy savings calculator if a typical house with 25m2 of first generation PVC double glazing was upgraded to a new 5 chambered Kommerling C70 or 070 Gold system savings of approximately £369 per annum could be made, resulting in reductions of 1.328 tonnes of CO2.

And the new PVC windows look great too. For example, the Residence Collection has been designed to replicate traditional wood framed windows making it an excellent choice for use in Conservation Areas. This luxurious top end collection is A-rated energy efficient; it looks like wood, feels like wood but outperforms wood.

HWL Trade Frames is an approved manufacturer of Kommerling PVC-u and Residence 9 Timber Alternative windows and a proud supplier of the new Residence Collection. These high quality products deliver excellent energy efficiency to the end-customer, making them ideal for trade customers.

Designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash timber windows, Residence 9 is approved by many planning authorities. This is thanks to its specific design which upholds the traditional and aesthetically-pleasing features of historical buildings – all while meeting the conditions required to preserve the architectural merit of the area.