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Residence 9 – only easier to fit

We’ve simplified R9 installation. Forget the complexities around handling and fitting heavy glass bonded sashes, you can now fit R9 in exactly the same way as any other standard PVC-U system, ordering glass from your local supplier.

It reduces cost, saves manpower and time. Putting money back in your pocket on every installation.

Innovation in R9 manufacture – Timberweld®

We’ve pioneered the use of Timberweld® sash-welding technologies in the manufacture of Residence 9.

This allows us to replicate the aesthetic delivered in a 90° mechanical joint in a welded sash inside and out.

As a welded product, the sash is far stronger than a mechanical joint, which means that it doesn’t need to glass bond the sash.

Tradition meets performance

  • Replicates 90° mechanical joint and butt jointing associated with traditional flush casement.
  • Sashes are 90° butt welded inside and out.
  • Increased strength of Timberweld® sash eliminates requirement to glass bond.
  • Source glass as standard.
  • Reduces weight in handling .
  • Simplified installation.
  • Easily replace damaged or failed units.
  • PAS24 and Part Q approved.
  • BS EN 6375 – 1 severe weather tested.
  • 10-year guarantee

Do you know your welds from your joints?

45° Standard PVC-U weld

  • Creates a strong robust corner joint
  • No requirement to glass bond
  • IGUs can be easily replaced
  • 45° joint offers a poor match to traditional timber casements

External or Internal Timber look windows

  • Replicates defining 90° butt joint on traditional timber flush casement windows.
  • Creates a strong robust corner joint.
  • No need to glass bond.
  • Glass can be sourced locally.
  • Reduced handling weights.
  • Simpler installation.
  • Recreates 90° butt joint on one side only

R9 Mechanical Joint

  • Replicates defining 90° butt joint on traditional timber casement windows.
  • IGUs form a key structural component of the sash and must be glass bonded.
  • This increases weight and complexities in handling and installation.
  • Replacement of failed or damaged IGUs can be complex.

R9 90° butt joint un-glazed Timberweld®

  • Replicates defining 90° butt joint on traditional timber flush casement windows.
  • Butt weld inside and outside of sash.
  • Creates a strong robust corner joint.
  • No need to glass bond.
  • Glass can be sourced locally.
  • Reduced handling weights.
  • Simpler installation

Cut installation costs by a third

You could cut your R9 installation costs by up to a third by switching from buying in mechanically jointed sashes to HWL’s Timberweld® R9 sash by reducing weight and simplifying handling and installation costs.

To find out more please call 0113 244 9006 or email sales@hwlwindows.co.uk

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Why R9 has historically been glass bonded

R9 was launched in 2011. We’ve been making it since 2013 and in common with every other R9 fabricator, we have historically mechanically jointed and glass bonded frames and sashes. It’s part of the defining character of R9. 90° mechanical joints replicate the appearance of a traditional timber flush casement or mechanically jointed sashes.

It’s also a key part of the manufacturing process. The downside of mechanically jointing R9 is that you need to glass bond to sashes to give them structural strength and that increases weight and introduces challenges in handling and installation on site – all of which are eliminated by welding rather than mechanically jointing sashes.

The Timberweld® manufacturing process

Timberweld® is a patented method of welding corners on PVC-U windows to deliver a twin-sided butt weld.

We’ve refined this process and applied it to the manufacture of R9 to replicate a 90° mechanical joint on the inside and outside of the sash.

We achieve this through a special milling and welding process using technology from machinery manufacturer Urban.

Stronger corner joints = no requirement to glass bond

Timberweld® re-writes the rule book. It’s been around for several years and uses proven technology to deliver a 90° butt weld inside and out.

This replicates the aesthetic of a traditional timber flush casement in the same way as mechanical jointing. The difference is welded corner joints are far stronger than mechanically jointed ones – it’s why standard PVC-U systems are today always welded not mechanically jointed.

The Timberweld® 90° unglazed R9 head weld consistently stands up to up to 11 bars or 1100kN/m2 of pressure. That’s consistent with a standard 45° PVC-U welded product which ranges from 9-12 bars (900kN/m2 – 1200kN/m2) the only difference is that it does so in a 90° butt joint inside and out.

Rigorously tested

We’ve worked in partnership with the Residence Collection to put our welded R9 window through rigorous testing programme.

PAS24 and BS EN 6375 – 1 weather testing conducted by independent testing house Exova early in 2018, gave our non-glass bonded sash window a flying PAS24.

BS EN 6375 – 1 weather testing gave our R9 non-glass bonded window an Exposure Category of 1600, a Class 3 Air Permeability Rating (600pa); a Class 9A (600pa) Water Tightness Rating; and top Class C4 (1600pa), resistance to wind.

PAS 24

Part Q

BS EN 6375 – 1 severe weather tested

Increased choice of colours and finishes

The Graduate Collection
Grained White
Cotswold Biscuit
Clotted Cream
Cotswold Green
English Oak
Irish Oak
Silvered Oak
Golden Oak
Electric Grey
No. 10 Black
Corse Lawn
We’re able to offer the 16 colour and woodgrain options offered in the Residence Collection’s Graduate and Element Collections but any RAL colour offered by Renolit, on special order.
The Element Collection
No. 38 Grey
Vintage Cream
Chalk White

Vertical Sliding Window from Spectus

Designed for period properties, simple and easy to fit, the Spectus VS has a dedicated trade following.

Find out why

“ I would never go back to installing R9 glass-bonded. There’s far too much weight in it. Frame only supply means you don’t have the glass, you don’t have the weight and it’s a much easier install. ”

Charlie Owen, Managing Director and Owner of Homeseal Windows Yorkshire.

Did you know?

We can also foil any of our aluminium bi-folding doors to offer a perfect colour and finish match to our range of Residence Collection products?

To find out more please call 0113 244 9006 or email sales@hwlwindows.co.uk

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