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Residence Collection

What is The Residence Collection?

A suite of premium window and door systems, all designed and extruded in the UK.

It incorporates both Flush sash and Storm sash options for windows and doors, in varying frame depths of 75mm, 85mm and 100mm.

The range includes a full catalogue of ancillaries comprising of multi-angle bays, couplers, georgian bars, cills and hardware.

We are a developing business and adapting with changing trends, technology and social circumstances. What isn’t changing is our commitment to designing beautiful products of the highest quality, with an uncompromising attitude towards high performance and aesthetics.

Be part of the The Residence Collection.

Residence 7
- 75mm frame depth
- 7 chambers
- always flush internally
- choice of flush or storm externally
- 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing
- A++ Energy Rating
- 0.7 U-value
Residence 8
- 85mm frame depth
- 8 chambers
- always staff detail internally
- choice of flush or storm externally
- 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing
- A++ Energy Rating
- 0.7 U-value
- 100mm frame depth
- 9 chambers
- always square internally
- choice of flush or storm externally
- 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing
- A++ Energy Rating
- 0.7 U-value
Residence 9
- 100mm frame depth
- 9 chambers
- always decorative internally
- choice of flush or storm externally
- 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing
- A++ Energy Rating
- 0.7 U-value

Timber Alternative - Residence 9

We are a proud fabricator of Residence 9 products and have been for over four years. The Residence 9 window system is designed to replicate 19th Century timber windows, but fuses traditional aesthetics with modern materials to create a window that is both elegant and energy efficient. 

We are now fabricating the Residence Collection of products which you can find out a little more about in our Downloads Page

The perfectly flush exterior recreates a true timber alternative aesthetic, whilst the interior is stylishly decorative, creating a classic home feel. The modern material is virtually maintenance free; no painting or staining required. Cleaning your windows needs minimum effort meaning they look newer for longer, leaving you time to do more of the things you love.

Residence 9 windows outperform many other window systems due to the combination of sophisticated design, innovation and technological advancements. You can choose from highly efficient double or triple glazed units, attaining U-values of 0.8 with triple glazing, PassivHaus Standard, and 1.2 with double glazing, far surpassing the British Building Regulation requirements. All off this contributes to lower energy bills, keeping you cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Residence 9 windows are designed to suit properties from old to new and you can create them entirely to your own taste or to suit your property. We offer a huge variety of colours, hardware options, and features such as Georgian Bar and butt hinges, that will make your Residence 9 windows completely unique and add a touch of elegance to your home.

We manufacture this within a dedicated team in our production plant in the heart of Leeds, with a highly skilled and experienced team.

Technical Details

  • The window has been designed from scratch and has therefore been designed to accommodate the additional size and weight of 44mm triple glazing.
  • 100mm wide profile
  • 9 chambers, CEN A (thickest) wall thicknesses with additional screw retention ports designed for the additional forces on hardware etc.
  • When triple glazed with 44mm Argon filled unit, the window has a U value of 0.8W/M2K as standard without any gimmicks, restrictions or add-ons. This can be further improved if Passivhaus values as standard are not enough!

Residence 9 windows and doors are predominantly “glass bonded” (shown in red). The best windows in Europe are glass bonded and many of the World’s most famous modern skyscrapers utilise glass bonding technology. With the glass bonded to the sash and with the bead on the inside it contributes to high security performance. Glass bonding also significantly improves the overall strength of the product, resulting in trouble-free operation for years to come.

Residence 9 is made to CEN A wall thickness. This is the highest classification in Europe. Together with intelligent design details and screw retention reinforcements,  locks and hinges are secured firmly into position. Residence 9 is also specifically designed to accommodate the additional weight of triple glazed units, allowing heavy duty hinges to fit and operate perfectly.

Colour Options

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