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Window Designer Cloud

HWL offers Window Designer for all of our trade customers.  Since we rolled this out with our customers we have seen a huge improvement in efficiency and clarity on orders.
The Window Designer Cloud System is a fully featured web interface allowing our customers with instant access to their HWL account. This provides customers with the ability to process their own quotations, and even allows them to convert the quotation into an order and send it direct to us through the cloud without having to fax or email hard copies of the order.
For our customers this means that rather than waiting for our processing team to convert your enquiry into a quote that you can pass onto your customers, you can use the window designer cloud to process quotes immediately while your prospective customer is still in your Showroom or Trade Counter, which we know to help maximise sales. Placing your order couldn’t be easier with the cloud system and helps you and us run more efficiently.
To find out more about the Window Designer Cloud system and how it can help your business get in touch with our sales team on 0113 244 9006.
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